Acces control


Acces control

An access control system protects people, objects and information from unauthorized access based on the principles:

Who Person
Where Space
When Time

An access control system generally controls various electric locks.
One can think of electric strike, electromagnet, electric lock, pengrendels but also electrically controlled turnstiles, barriers, rams, sliding gates and speed gates.

Electrically controlled locks offer a wide range of options including integration with fire and burglar alarm systems, access control, time recording systems, visitor management, parking etc.

Identification for authorization can take place with a card/tag reader, fingerprint reader, iris scan reader etc.
Authorization takes place in a software management system in which all users have been entered. The authorization levels are set and recorded within this management platform.

After establishing the particular securitylevel the access control system will not adversely affect the structural, electronic and organizational measures in that particular class.

Make no concessions on capacity, project planning, implementation and management of emergency exits.

All electric door locks in the escape function work according the idle current principle. This means that the lock is unlocked by power failure.


LanckerWolters specializes in the most common brands, such as:
• Honeywell ProWatch
• Keyprocessor
• Paxton Net2
• Brivo
• OpenPath