Camera observation

Camera observation

Camera observation is becoming applied more widely, not only for monitoring, but also increasingly for granting access and for the automatic recognition of situations and objects, in addition camera observation is used for verification of alarm events.

Crucial in the design of video surveillance systems, a thorough knowledge is needed of the technical capabilities of the equipment and the application such as face-recognition, person identification and environmental observation.
In all applications the applicable laws and regulations must be taking into consideration.

Product development is going veryf ast, so has the use of IP technology led to a simple, quick and inexpensive option of distributing the images, it does not matter where the technical manager/observer is located. High definition images are now also possible, while also plenty of software is developed for Intelligent Video Processing based on algorithm, like license plate and face recognition.

The design of a video surveillance system is generally based on four main areas:


Video acquisition
In order to obtain video images that meet the desired specifications, a wide variety of cameras are available: cameras with fixed lenses, zoom lenses, pan/tilt capability, placed in domes etc., analog or IP, with or without the intelligent content analysis in the camera. A design starts with a thorough planning of the cameras in and around your property.

Video Distribution
From the camera to the monitor: for the distribution of the right quality video there are plenty of possibillities, but also limitations.
Both analog and digital systems as well as hybrid systems can be applied so that existing systems can be used.

4.Monteur hoogwerker camera

Video Recording
Choosing the right video recording solution goes far beyond the recording capacity only. With the rise of digital networks and video management systems, there is a wide range of system solutions, all with the goal of effective observation and analysis.

Video Verification & Analysis
By analyzing video images on supicious situations automatically one can respond more pro-active to threats and emergencies. Not only because an observer is simply limited in the continuous assessment of multiple video, but also because with Video Content Analysis connections can be made that would otherwise remain undetected. For example, persons or objects can be automatically monitored and situations can be compared over a longer period of time.

Events in this area are:

You will be notified when a person exhibits suspicious behaviour, for example, when walking around the same car(s) in a parking lot for several times.

Virtual Fence
Alerts you when people or vehicles are entering a prohibited zone.

You can track exactly how many people or vehicles have entered and left again.

Object Detection
You will get a warning when an object disappears or is being placed in a area which may be potentially dangerous or undesirable. Camera surveillance is subject to the Personal Data Protection Act (WBP), we have thorough knowledge of its application.

LanckerWolters specializes in the most common brands, such as:
• Honeywell
• Dahua
• Hikvision
• Axis
• Hanwha
• Eagle Eye
• Milestone